Step Two

Well Done For Completing Step 1, Welcome To Step 2

In this step, I have a free video course that covers everything for you
on how to use the MT4 - Meta Trader 4 platform.

The videos will show you around your new MT4 platform and cover everything you need to know.

Don't worry the MT4 platform is generic, it's the same for all broker accounts.

The videos will show you everything about the MT4 platform, like 
how to set up your MT4 platform the way you like it, how to enter and exit trades with live examples,
they even show you some basic support and resistance.

I know at first the MT4 platform can be quite daunting but, it's actually quite easy when you know how.

 The MT4 platform is the most widely used platform in the world for Forex Trading.

You can download the video course below...

If you already know how to use the MT4 platform, how to enter and exit trades etc,
you can skip this video course and move on too Step 3.

Click Here Download Geraint's MT4 Forex Pro Walk Through Video Course.

Click Here To Watch A YouTube Video On How To Download
And Place A Trade On Meta Trader 4 Mobile Platform, Android or IOS

When you are comfortable with the MT4 platform,

Let's Make Some Cash!
You can refer to the videos you downloaded anytime you like.
They are yours to keep.